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The roots The roots

An introduction: Decorum Company

Decorum Company is the cooperative relationship between seventy plants and flowers growers. All affiliated companies have optimum automation and enough flexibility to respond to current situations quickly. All Decorum products are grown with real passion for plants and the result is absolute top quality!


Decorum Company’s marketing and sales departments promote three main business activities: Decorum Brands, Decorum Plants and Decorum Private Labels.


To put it briefly, we stand with our roots in the retail sector!

The stem The stem

Retailers think in terms of growth and so does Decorum Company. In actual fact that’s what we specialise in. Our plants always show growth, both naturally and as the rising line of your turnover. We want to realise growth in both of these as quickly as possible and without any problems and we do this by adding distinctive plants and greenery to your selection.


Greenery relieves stress and helps you to catch your breath. It’s living, it flowers and it’s enchanting and inviting. It gives the buyer, the giver and the receiver a good feeling. You can give it as a present or cherish it yourself. It is a turnover-generating eye-catcher and that’s certainly the case if it’s given a good position in the shop. We are happy to take the load off your shoulders.

The flower The flower

Plants: the business is growing and flowering. If you do it well then something that is actually beautiful flowers. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that. However, if we assume responsibility for the preliminary stages for you, from the logistics to plant care, from the selection to personnel coaching, then you only have to do what you are best at: achieving turnover that’s full of flowers!


The end product of our joint efforts is a colourful, natural sales generator!